Accurate evaluation of roofing systems is crucial in order to keep roof construction, maintenance and replacement costs to a minimum. Gimple Roof Engineers provide a full-range of roof engineering services that focus on quality and innovative technologies.

From preliminary assessments through design consulting and construction monitoring, Gimple Roof Engineers use the latest methods and equipment to assist clients with their roof management, repair, or replacement programs. Cost benefits can be realized by preventing premature roof failure due to improper materials selection or construction. Roof management programs can extend the service life of a roof system through a program of scheduled observation and timely maintenance.

Condition Assessment

  • pre-purchase evaluations
  • deterioration analysis
  • repair/replacement analysis
  • storm damageassessment

Moisture Surveys

  • non-destructive infrared, nuclear and capacitance techniques
  • core sample correlation
  • wet insulation identification prior to re-roofing
  • leak source identification
  • insulation condition assessment
  • new construction verification

Design Consulting

  • evaluation of material and system alternatives
  • construction cost estimates
  • preparation of specifications and design drawings
  • specification review


  • pre-construction conferences
  • quality assurance monitoring of application procedures and materials
  • field sampling and testing
  • review of submittals and pay requests

Laboratory Analysis

  • quantitative analysis: material weights, dimensions and properties
  • qualitative analysis: quality of application


  • failure investigation
  • laboratory testing of materials
  • review of documentation
  • expert witness

Management Programs

  • historical database development
  • network condition assessments
  • prioritize roof areas according to need and budget requirements
  • development of master specifications for repairs and maintenance procedures
  • life-cycle cost analysis
  • program cost effectiveness monitoring
  • quality assurance monitoring of maintenance and repairs